Type of Service

Feasibility and Cost Estimate

Statement of Relevance

The Etame consortium was considering the development of additional oil reserves over the Etame FPSO, offshore Gabon. These include two local discoveries, North and South Tchibala.

There were significant technical difficulties associated with producing the waxy crude over the subsea distances involved. ThyssenKrupp Uhde Energy & Power was contracted to undertake a study to addresses the technical feasibility and costs of these subsea developments.

Description of Services

This study assumed that the oil composition for the Tchibala fields was similar to Etame crude. The Etame flow assurance plan was based upon keeping the flowing temperature above about 40 deg C, and being able to displace oil from the top of tubing and subsea equipment in order to avoid restart problems.

The work performed was a review of the technical difficulties of producing waxy crude subsea over distances up to 15km, to review the available technology and to select a cost effective method and a suitable configuration.

Several development options were considered:

  • Simultaneous development of both fields, North Tchibala 2 wells and South Tchibala 3 wells
  • 3 wells at South Tchibala with facilities provided for future addition of North Tchibala (2 wells)
  • Future addition of 2 wells at North Tchibala
  • Standalone development of 2 wells at South Tchibala
  • Standalone development of 2 wells at North Tchibala

Conclusions and recommendations for each option were presented with technical feasibility and commercial impact analysis provided to facilitate a decision to be made.

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